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Hiyoshi Communication Lounge

The Hiyoshi Communication Lounge has been established as a result of creative thinking to promote on campus multicultural exchange and to support educational and student activities. These were previously not possible with the existing conventional facilities. The Hiyoshi Communication Lounge is located in the basement of the Independence Wing and comprises five connected spaces, a Japanese-style tatami room “Hiyoshi House”, Lounge, Information Space, Student Activity Space and the Hiyoshi Global Studio.


Hiyoshi House (Japanese-style tatami room)

Japanese-style rooms have recently been reconsidered as a place to facilitate communication. By taking off one's shoes and stepping up onto the tatami, visitors to Hiyoshi House can feel relaxed, enjoy lively conversations and can be inspired with new ideas. From new lesson styles to brainstorming and Japanese tea ceremony, the use of this space is up to the imagination.

  • Tatami mats (21)
  • Low tables (4)
  • Seating cushions (20)
  • Portable projector (1)
  • Portable screen (1)
  • Decorative hearth for Japanese tea ceremony


The Information space is a place to gather information regarding study abroad.

  • Sofas (2)
  • Chairs (12)
  • Tables (4)

Information Space

This open lounge with its inviting orange sofas creates a feeling of being in an airport or hotel lounge. It is stylish yet welcoming and can be enjoyed alone or with others.

  • Pamphlet display shelves (2)
  • irs (26)

Student Activity Space

The movable panels in this space are whiteboard on one side, corkboard on the other and can be used to divide the space into a maximum of six small spaces. This space can be utilized to suit various needs such as open style lessons, performances, small group discussions or even exhibitions using the corkboards. Information sessions and consultation regarding study abroad are also regularly held.

  • Tables (6)
  • Chairs (36)
  • Hanging movable panels (16)
  • Portable projector (1)

Hiyoshi Global Studio

The Hiyoshi Global Studio, furnished with cutting edge technology, is a base for the international dissemination of digital contents and for international collaboration. The studio can be used for everyday activities such as distance lessons and remote conferences, or special events such as international symposiums.

  • Large plasma display (3)
  • Video conferencing system
  • Tables (10)
  • Chairs (20)

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday 9am-6pm


Single or multiple spaces can be reserved. Reservations can be made by submitting an application form to Office of Student Services (International) at Hiyoshi Campus.

E-mail: hy_lounge@adst.keio.ac.jp


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